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Your Will, Your Way

Under the law, immediately upon a person’s demise, all his/her hard-earned wealth will be frozen.  This would mean that your loved ones will not be able to transfer properties which are registered in your name, dispose off your shares and worst of all, would face difficulties in withdrawing monies from the bank accounts at a time when monies are needed most.

Writing a Will empowers you with the right to plan and provide for your loved ones, for them to obtain their inheritance in the shortest possible time with the least inconvenience.



立遗嘱将赋予您为亲人规划和供给的权利 – 让您的受益人在便捷的情况下承继遗嘱。


What is a Will?

A Will is a document which expresses your declaration of intentions with respect to your estate and other matters which are to be carried out into effect after your passing. 

With a Will, you can make your intentions clear for your loved ones to avoid uncertainties and family disputes.




When a non-Muslim dies without a Will (intestate), the law distribute his possessions under the Distribution Act 1958  (for Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak) or The Intestate Succession Ordinance 1960 (for Sabah).

當一位非穆斯林在沒有遺囑的情況下去世時,法律會根據 1958 年分配法(適用於馬來西亞半島和砂拉越)或 1960 年無遺囑繼承條例(適用於沙巴)分配其財產。

Private Trust Services

You have worked hard to build and accumulate your wealth for your family and future generations.

Now wouldn’t you like to preserve your wealth and be able to ensure that it is passed on to the right people at a chosen time?

We are here to help manage, protect and transfer your wealth to future generations by helping you to set up your Private Trust and giving you greater peace of mind.




What is a Private Trust?

  • A trust is a legal concept whereby an individual (the Settlor) transfers legal ownership of their assets to the trustees
  • Trustees manage and hold these assets for the benefit of others (beneficiaries)
  • Beneficiaries may include yourself, your family, your issues as well as other individuals, companies, charities or foundations
  • It is a versatile and powerful estate planning tool to protect and manage your wealth


  • 信托是一个法律概念,指个人(委托人)合法的将其财产的拥有权转让给受托人
  • 受托人为他人(受益人)管理和托管这些资产
  • 受益人可以包括您自己、您的家人、您的子女以及其他个人、公司、慈善机构或基金会等等
  • 它是一种多功能且功能强大的遗产规划工具,可保护和管理您的财富

Why set up a Private Trust?


  • Wealth distribution

     – Settlor has the freedom to determine who, when and how distributions are to be made;

     – Assets held on Trust are not frozen upon the Settlor’s death. Therefore, Beneficiaries will have immediate and uninterrupted access to funds without the need to apply for Grant of Probate.  This is very important especially in the unfortunate event of co-disaster of parents living young children behind.


  • Wealth preservation

     – To protect family wealth against spendthrift and immature beneficiaries;

     – For wealth to be retained in the family for more than 3 generations.


  • Provision for you and your dependents for life

     – To provide for living, education and medical expenses for your dependents;

     – To ensure that medical, nursing care and other expenses are taken care off during your old age or incapacity.


  • Protection of assets (from creditors)

     – To protect family assets from creditors and claimants (subject to Bankruptcy Act 1967).


  • Confidentiality

     – Assets are held in the name of the Trustee and the identity of the Settlor and Beneficiaries are concealed.


  • Philanthropic purposes

     – Charitable Trust for purposes of education, religion or the poor.


  • Trust Distribution is exempted from following Faraid Distribution for Muslims

     – Beneficiaries and manner of distributions of your choice.




     – 财产委托人可以按照本身的意愿决定时间,给予谁以及如何分配财产;

     – 财产委托人逝世时,以信托形式持有的财产将不会被冻结。因此,受益人可以在无需向法庭申请遗嘱认证书的情况下,及时获得资金。这点极为重要,尤其是在双亲不幸一起身亡,遗留下年幼子女的情况下。



     – 保障家族财富,以免被挥霍无度和入世未深的受益人所耗尽;

     – 为家族财富持续保存富过三代。



     – 为家人提供生活、教育及医药费;

     – 能协助您自己本人的医药费、护理费等等, 确保您在年老或丧失自理能力时,也能获得妥善的照顾。



     – 保障家族资产,不受债权人和索偿人的追讨(根据1967年破产法令)。



     – 资产以受托人的名义持有,委托人和受益人的身份资料将被被隐藏视为机密。



     – 慈善信托的宗旨是为教育、宗教或穷人提供援助。



     – 您可以自由选择您的受益人和财产分配方式。