Flow & Price

【流程 & 价格】

Your Wealth… Your Loved Ones… Your Choice

What can a Will do for you?

  • A faster way to distribute your wealth
  • Your choice of beneficiaries and their entitlements
  • Appointment of your trusted executor(s)
  • Your testamentary trust or your wealth purposefully used
  • Your choice of guardian(s) for your children

您的财富。。。 您的亲人。。。您的选择


  • 快速分配您的财富
  • 选择受益人和决定他们应得的权益
  • 委任您所信任的执行人
  • 成立您的遗嘱信托或让您的财富被妥善利用
  • 选择您子女的监护人

Why is Will Custodian important to you?

* A Will serves no purpose if no one can find it

* Your Will is systematically catalogued and securely kept

* The confidentiality of your Will is preserved

* Your Will can be easily located and retrieved when the need arises

Why appoint a Professional Executor?

An executor appointed in your Will should be a qualified professional who has the knowledge, experience and commitment, a party whom you can trust to independently carry out your wishes upon your demise. RHB Trustees Berhad offers you competent Professional Executor Services that your loved ones deserve so that you can be confident that your estate is adequately managed.


Professional Executor… Peace Of Mind


  • 一份无人能寻获的遗嘱是毫无用途的
  • 您的遗嘱是有系统地被编目和安全地被保存
  • 您遗嘱的内容得以保密
  • 您的遗嘱可以在有需要时可轻易被寻获及取回




业执行人。。。 让您安枕无忧

We will provide you with comprehensive yet affordable Will Writing Services, all under one roof.

Will Writing Services

  • Basic Principal Will (clause 1 to 12) fee start from RM450 onwards

Professional Executor Services

  • If RHBT is appointed as Professional Executor RM100 (Optional)

Will Custodian Services

  • Lifetime Will Custody RM800 (Optional)

1. The above will writing fees with effective from1 Jun 2018

2. Discount on Supplemental Will that applies to spouse, siblings and parents. Must be submitted together with Principal Will.



  • 基本主要缮写遗嘱费用(1 to 12条款)从RM450 起


  • 如果 兴业信托有限公司(RHBT) 被委任专业执行人其费用 RM100 (选择性)


  • 终生遗嘱托管服务 RM800 (选择性)
  1. 缮写遗嘱费用价格自2018年6月1日起生效
  2. 附属遗嘱折扣适用于配偶、兄弟姐妹和父母。 必须与主要立遗嘱者一起提交。

What should I prepare for my Will ?